The Company

Henan Zhongzhou Machine Works Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Henan Zhongzhou Machinery Factory (code named "Factory 396") affiliated to the former China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC).

Since its establishment, the company has successively produced 14.5mm double anti-aircraft machine guns, underwater heavy punch guns, clone of M2 carbines, Type-59 large caliber pistols, grenade launchers, 7.62 center fire guns and other military products have made important contributions to China's national defense.

In 1980, in accordance with the policy of "Civil-Military Integration, Peacetime and Wartime Combination” of China National Defence Industry, the company strengthened the development and production of civilian firearms, successively developed JW series sports rifles, shotguns, air guns, and series of fastener (nail gun) and related products.

In 2009, according to the reformation of the Group, the former employees of Zhongzhou Machinery factory invested in the purchase of some assets of Zhongzhou and established Henan Zhongzhou Machine Works Co., Ltd.

Business Scope

Civilian firearms series products (including military and armed police force equipment). The company has complete machining processes capabilities such as heat treatment, surface treatment and mold making. It has large and advanced machining centers, a large number of CNC machining equipment and a high quality and skilled workforce, thus providing reliable product quality.

International Recognition

The company currently mainly produces civilian firearms (including Anti-terrorism, anti-riot, military and armed police force equipment). With a development history of 50 years and complete system of firearms R&D, production and sales, it is the enterprise with the most complete series and variety of civilian firearms in China. It is also the only enterprise in Henan Province with the production qualification for civilian firearms. It has been identified by the state as a production and export base for civilian firearms. All guns are exported to foreign markets. The “JW” brand of civilian firearms has a high reputation, recognition, influence and competitive advantage in the international market.

Market Corporation

The products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions on four continents in the world; It has nearly 40 years of cooperation with major gun foreign trade export companies, which has laid a solid foundation for the international sales of firearms. At the same time, the company has the right to self-export air guns and shotguns, and has the qualification to sell independently. 

The company has cooperated with Light Weapons Research Institute affiliated to China South Industries Group Corporation to developed anti-terrorism and anti-riot military and police equipment products. At the same time, it produces weapons accessories, optoelectronics equipment, multi-functional tools, individual protective equipment and other products with high technical content and excellent performance. It has successively produced foreign aid products for China South Industries, Poly Technologies and other military enterprises. 

Enterprise Qualification

- Civil Gun (Ammunition) Manufacturing License

- Manufacturing License of Special Equipment (Pressure Vessel III)

- Certificate of Approval for Enterprises with Foreign Trade Rights

- Certificate of Grade 2 Measurement Assurance System Standard

- Armed Police Force Material Procurement Supplier

- Rights to self-export air guns and shotguns

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